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Our Counseling Services

We offer career, individual, couples, marriage, and family counseling for free or low-cost. We charge on a sliding-scale based on your annual income. 

Our counseling services are provided for little to no cost for our clients. We do this because lack of insurance is seen as one of the biggest barriers that people with low-incomes and people of color have to receiving mental health care. Approximately 535,000 people in Michigan do not have healthcare, and this does not count those who are under-insured either. Additionally, 9.7 percent of Black Americans did not have insurance in 2018. We believe that everyone deserves mental health care, no matter their income or employment status.

  • Services are provided by LMSW therapists, Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors, Limited License Professional Counselors, and graduate student interns. Also available are therapists specializing in domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Long term psychotherapy is available.
  • We currently have a Marriage & Family Therapy intern available.

Call us at 517-372-9163 to schedule an appointment or
fill out this HIPAA compliant online form.

Counseling payment option

We offer a sliding fee payment option for our counseling services!

Virtual Activities

We believe the relationship we have with ourselves shapes our daily experiences profoundly. If we do not accept ourselves for who we are and feel that we can only be “enough” if we reach certain standards, we are bound to a life of suffering. We hope that the tools presented here will help you and the people around you to become a better friend of themselves.

Relieving Anxiety opens with a gentle breath awareness practice. Then, it moves into a series of positive affirmations to help rest the anxious mind. Because our anxious thoughts are deeply interwoven with our underlying beliefs, positive affirmations can help to ease worry and fear.

When stress arises because of a difficult situation we are up against, this meditation is well suited. It guides readers and listeners to practice self-compassion in the face of their personal challenge. Great for personal practice and for leading others, it is an invaluable resource to have.