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Why Advocacy?

Meeting women’s daily needs through services is vital, and will in itself provide space for women to fulfill their own potential. However, providing services takes place within the constraints imposed by local, national and international rules and regulations, and in the context of social norms and values which ascribe women particular roles. Through advocacy, we can challenge these, and address the root causes of the disadvantages women face.

Despite the injustices we face, women around the world are standing up to claim their rights and to fight inequality. Alongside these brave steps, we should join with others to push for change locally and statewide since we are positioned in the Capital City. In this way, we help transform the big picture for women, as well as improve their daily lives.

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Download Public Policy Agenda

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State Level Updates

Send A Letter

The best way to get what you want is to be an active advocate. This can be done by voting, calling Congress,  and writing to your representatives (and much more, these are just a few). Below are PDFs that you can fill out and send to our Senator and Representative regarding issues important to what we here at the Women’s Center believe.

HB 5709 Equitable Coverage For Behavioral and Substance Abuse Treatment

Join us in urging the Insurance Committee in supporting the amendment to the Michigan insurance code to ensure that insurers will provide coverage for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment at the same level provided for physical illness. Download, print, and sign this letter to send to the committee to show your support!
Download Behavioral-Health Insurance Equity

Register to Vote!

Registering to vote is fast and easy in Michigan, and it helps you participate in the decisions that shape the world. Your voice matters. You have the right to express it and vote for candidates you want in office. Topics like the ones we’ve highlighted in throughout our public policy agenda—ending violence against women, womxn’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights—are all imperative to society’s functioning. Make a difference.

Check to see if you’re registered to vote today!

How to Register (Step by Step Guide):

  1. Verify you are eligible (by clicking this link: here)
  2. Fill out an application (online or in person!)
  3. Submit your application (with just a click or a quick drop-off at your local clerk’s station)
  4. City/Township clerk processes application
  5. You are registered!

NOTE: The computer labs in office are open during regular business hours.

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