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10 Ideas for Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

Losing a loved one often feels like the end of the world. It doesn’t have to be. We hope these ideas with help you during this difficult time.

1. Reach out to a friend or family member
Family and friends can be your pillars of strength at a time like this. Talking to them about your grief and planning activities together can help alleviate the emotional pain and help you learn to live your life without the person you lost.

2. Write in a Journal
Letting your feelings out through a journal can help calm your mind and provides an outlet when you have trouble expressing feelings verbally. Experts advise writing your thoughts, feelings and even daily activities when in an emotional turmoil. Writing is beneficial in a variety of situations because it helps us to organize our thoughts, provides an outlet and the physical act of writing helps us heal.

3. Listen to music
Music has the power to heal. Period.

4. Go for a walk – outside if possible!
Simple things like taking a walk can help you take things off your mind, while providing a physical outlet and release for the stress you are experiencing. Walking outside has the added benefit of connecting to the earth and grounding ourselves. Grief can often make us feel disconnected from everything around us. Walking outside and taking deep breaths will also help you sleep better which in turn will help you feel better.

5. Write a letter to the deceased or to someone else experiencing grief
It has been found to be cathartic if the person experiencing grief writes a letter to the person they lost. Although the person that died will never see it, it is a way for the person grieving to express the things they didn’t have a chance to say when their loved one was alive. However, this can be a very difficult process and not everyone experiencing grief is ready for this task.

6. Play with a pet
If you are an animal person, chances are some furry friends would give you much relief than any of these other tips! Fret not if don’t have one, visit a friend who owns a pet or the local pet shelter. There are some furry hands waiting to lend you much needed support!

7. Take a bubble bath
At times of high stress, we often forget to take care of ourselves. A simple indulgence like a bubble bath can help refresh you inside out. Add some essential oils or fragrances to soothe you.

8. Read, watch movies or television
Consuming media content often distracts you from what you are doing, filling your mind with new thoughts. Use this effectively by reading or watching what you enjoy the most.

9. Attend a grief support group
Women’s Center of Greater Lansing offers support groups. Contact us for more details!

10. Talk to a counselor
Grief is individual, nobody experiences it the same way. Letting your feelings out to a counselor can help you deal with the unique problems that you face while grieving.