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Our Impact

Our Reach

We lead the continued growth and development of programs which supports women in our community at very low-cost. We are the leading nonprofit in the Lansing area that provides therapy on a sliding -scale fee system and does not bill insurance, because having or not having insurance is a barrier for many people.

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Enabling Well-Being Over Time

The Women’s Center staff and volunteers give women and their families an opportunity to thrive. Our work helps clients as they grow.

People’s well-being includes the characteristics and skills that enable them to understand and navigate the world in a healthy, positive way. Well-being is related to physical health and their social, behavioral and emotional functioning. WCGL staff identify, recommend and ensure clients receive the services that will support their well-being.

Enabling Well-Being Graphic - Women's Center Greater Lansing

Enabling Financial Independence

Women have all of the potential to reach financial independence, even if they need support along the way.

WCGL staff work to help women reach financial independence.

  • Our staff gets to know the person – they listen; they talk to them about what they need to heal and thrive; they make sure they are safe; and they help them reach safe, permanent employment or financial stability.
  • We know that people do best when they have stable employment. WCGL staff works with our clients and recommends steps to take to find a quality, stable employment.
  • WCGL staff also works with clients to make a budget and take ownership of their finances.
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Annual Client Report - Women's Center

Addressing Trauma

Experiencing abuse, neglect, and other forms of trauma can impact physical and mental health, academic and employment achievement, and more. The support of a WCGL staff member can help clients build resilience to counter those impacts.

In 2019, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience physical violence by their intimate partner at some point during their lifetimes. About 1 in 3 women and nearly 1 in 6 men experience some form of sexual violence during their lifetimes.

Addressing Trauma - Women's Center of Greater Lansing

Trauma can cause feelings of intense helplessness and intense fear.

Trauma graphic - Intense helplessness and fear

Trauma can impact brain development and mental health.

Trauma affects the brain

Trauma can impact educational achievement and employment.

Computer graphic - educational achievement

Help us meet the growing need.

In 2019, WCGL programs had 30 volunteers and helped change the lives of over 1,000 women. But many women still need an advocate on their side.

Updated on: 06/12/2020