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Employment Services

We empower you!

Our services aim to address the underlying causes of un- and underemployment among women. 

Our services are designed to meet every woman’s current needs, regardless of her background or level of experience. For women who are formerly or currently homeless, barriers to employment can range from physical disabilities and mental health obstacles to a lack of formal work experience, long bouts of unemployment after job loss, or general stigmatization of homelessness. At WCGL, we aim to prepare women for long-term, sustainable employment, by building on women’s existing skills and empowering them to realize personal and professional goals alike. 

Education & Computer Lab

We provide classes in computer skills, financial literacy, math, resume building, and more. We also offer career counseling sessions and job readiness workshop series.

During open lab hours, WCGL participants can use computers to search and apply for jobs, write cover letters and resumes, or work on school assignments.

Women also receive help with basic necessities that most jobseekers take for granted, like a physical address, an email account, a quiet space to take a work-related phone call, interview-ready clothing, and assistance with transportation.

career boutique

We offer a selection of high-quality clothing suitable for job interviews. Also available are shoes, accessories, and toiletries. All items have been graciously donated and are available to our clients free of charge.

When you come in to use the Boutique, we can also talk with you about the interview you have coming up. We can help you finalize your plans, and practice your handshake and answering interview questions. Preparing for an interview consists of much more than dressing for success, and we want to make sure you’re fully prepared!

Clothes in the Career Boutique are all donated from great people like you in our community!

Racial Justice

We are committed to combating racial discrimination in the workforce. Your identity should be celebrated wherever you work. We will provide resources specific to your needs in the workforce, especially as they relate to anti-racist work establishments. We envision a world of equitable opportunity and will actively fight for racial justice in whatever job and/or career path you choose.