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Anonymous Donors Give $65,000 as Matching Gift!

Wow, I’m still shaking. This has never happened to us. It’s still a little hard to wrap my brain around it.

Just when you think you’re doing this work and nobody really notices or cares, along comes two people who have noticed what we do and value our work in their community; they noticed our successes; saw our challenges; got up close and personal and talked with women they referred here for services and even a couple of our interns.

And made a decision.

With a string attached.

These wonderful people who wish to remain anonymous (I believe because they are the kind of people who do not want public accolades and just want their generosity to make a positive impact on our community) made a contribution that they will match dollar for dollar your contribution up to

How cool is that? The impact of their contribution will help sustain and grow the Women’s Center in so many ways. It will help us to:

make some needed repairs to the buildings
increase our programming
reduce expenses by refinancing our mortgage
update our computer programs and equipment, and ~
add an additional staff person to help with marketing, public relations and managing our social media.

Like I said, I’m still in awe at the possibilities this has presented for the Center.

We need YOUR help to maximize this incredible gift.

That’s where the string comes in. We need your gift by December 31, 2013 to take full advantage of the offer. These wonderful people see the needs the Center has, the value in our community and want us to be able to make the changes now to create a more sustainable financial future.

Will you help by making a donation today?

Click here:


Click on the donate button. In the Company line write “matching gift”. Thank you.


On behalf of the board of directors, staff (Patsy & me), our interns and volunteers and especially the women we serve, thank you for your generosity.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice or whatever you celebrate!

Cindie Alwood
Executive Director &
Chief Hope Officer