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Capital City Dragon Boat Race Needs YOU!

We still need survivors for the Women’s Center team along with…

Hey wonderful Lansing-ites we need your help recruiting more people to participate in dragon boating this year. A couple of teams have petered out. We have four boats and ideally would like to have 28 teams. We’re at 26ish right now. One team is not responding to my requests for information so are no longer in the count. So what say you all? Will you talk to your friends, neighbors, countrypeople and help us fill two more teams? Please? There might be something special in it for you if you do….IJS
Also, SUNDAY is the big day to show up. Saturday is a practice day and depending on how many teams we end up with we won’t need to have heats or time trials to determine divisions. It’s not really a two day time commitment, just a couple of hours on Saturday – which you will know ahead of time – and all day Sunday. We have two food trucks coming, cool and fun vendors, and the piece de resistance – DRAGON BOATING! What better way to spend a beautiful pre-Fall weekend but on the gorgeous Grand River with 700 of your boating buddies? I can’t think of anything more fun. Really.
Picture it…working those arms and back muscles, gliding on the river at warp speed, getting shouted at by the sternsmen/women, listening to the beat of a drum, sweating your butt off, breathing so hard your heart feels like it will pop out of your chest, smiling so wide the bugs will lodge firmly in your teeth, feeling a sense of accomplishment that NOTHING else compares to, basking in the adrenaline rush and showing off your medals in your workplace on Monday morning – I mean, really what could be better?? Do.This.