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Feminism & Valentines Day

What is feminism?

Feminism is believing in the equality of rights for women on the grounds that they should be equal to men, in every environment – social, political, and economic. The Women’s Center of Greater Lansing is a feminist organization, where we empower each other in the best way possible.

What is a feminist Valentine’s Day?

For feminists, Valentine’s Day has some problems. It encourages and enhances damaging gender stereotypes. It celebrates the kind of consumerism that can elevate material things over emotions. It can make people who do not have an intimate partner feel alone and inferior. And for people trapped in violent or abusive relationships it can be a stark reminder of everything that hurts their lives.

But Valentines Day, the 14th of February, doesn’t have to be celebrated in the traditional way. A feminist approach is seeing the 14th of February as a day filled with women’s empowerment, self love, and love for the people close to you and even for people in the wider world. Regardless of this day, you should always do what makes you happy, whether that means ignoring Valentine’s Day or celebrating it.

With so much at stake for women and girls, what we really need this Valentine’s Day is support for gender equity. Raise your voice for pay equity, harassment, women in STEM, and more.

For fun, share our feminist valentines (below) on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

How can we celebrate this Valentine’s day in a feminist way?

  • Do something to celebrate yourself – something you really enjoy.
  • Celebrate the people close to you in the way you know they would most appreciate – by spending time with them.
  • Fight for women’s rights and become more involved with the power of women’s voices. Join the our advocacy program here 
  • Donate to support our counseling services and support women and survivors when they need it most.
  • View or download and enjoy these backgrounds: