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Help Women and Their Families Who Are Struggling with Cancer!

DONATE HERE: http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/helping-women-survive-cancer/

We all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. How well they navigate treatment and recovery depends on the support they receive during the process. Help make their journey more successful with your support of Zena’s Club-Cancer CARES program today!

We need a minimum of 40 different donors who donate on the GLOBAL GIVING site to help us raise $5,000 during the month of December! How can you help? Donate yourself and challenge your friends, family and co-workers to match your donation. Donation levels start at $20 and every single donation helps meet ourgoal.

The Women’s Center has added a new program. Zena’s Club – Cancer CARES will provide a warm, inviting and caring environment for women and their families who are dealing with cancer, providing emotional support, employment services, support groups and resources outside of a medical setting. ZC3 is designed as a place where spouses/partners, kids and survivors can meet with others in their situation for support; kids can talk to other kids whose parent is going through treatment (why is my mommy bald? did your mommy get bald?) and spouses or otherfamily members can support each other, ask questions and access resources.

ZC3 is the first community based program to address the critical psycho-social needs of women with cancer and their families. Thanks to YOU, ALL of the ZC3 services are FREE. 

Go to sleep tonight knowing that you are amazing and because of you a woman will get the support she needs to beat cancer! Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.36.46 AM