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Self-Care Activities

Let’s be honest; the world today is quite chaotic.

Self-care has never been more critical in an age when we have had to deal with a pandemic, raging wildfires, other environmental disasters, and political upheaval all across the globe.

It may seem that self-care sounds like a vague cliche. For example, when therapists recommend self-care to clients, it can often ring hollow.

What follows in this is a list of self-care activities. Working these activities into your everyday life is sure to impact your day-to-day life positively.

1. Self-Care Activities

Sometimes we do not realize the importance of self-care, but everyone takes part in caring for themselves somehow. The Seven Types of Self-Care Activity Sheet is a good starting place for people who have not thought much about self-care.

2. Self-Care Vision Board

A vision board is a visual representation of a concept or idea using images, illustrations, and words. The Self-Care Vision Board can help you lead you in the creation of a vision board.

The process of creating the vision board can be intuitive and fun, a self-care activity in itself. Once the vision board is made, the board can be stored in an area frequently visible to you, serving as a prime or reminder for self-care.

3. Personal Energy Audit

Time is a finite resource, and with so many of us living busy lives these days, there is often little time to spend replenishing our energy. Just like the other self-care tools, the Personal Energy Audit focuses on identifying where you are spending your energy.

The audit is done to assess areas where you may be losing energy without even realizing it. The audit is a checklist that breaks energy down into different categories where you then rate them.

Breaking energy down into these categories can help you find small ways throughout the day to conserve or improve their energy levels to live a happier and more productive life.

4. The Self-Care Wheel

This useful article considers the Self-Care Wheel as the perfect tool to assess burnout. It provides a structure for identifying and nourishing areas where you are either failing, surviving, or thriving.