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Stories from the Front Desk

On a frigid morning in late March, a woman timidly approached the Center’s front door and walked in. The phone was ringing; the computer had just come to life; the reception area was beginning to warm up. Emily swiveled to greet her and smiled.

The woman who came through the doors was visibly shaking; her story poured out in a whisper “The clothes on my back are the only clothes I have. My husband threw everything I own away.” The phone went unanswered and other than occasional words of comfort, Emily was silent. Just listening to understand.

All of a sudden a drop of water fell. It was a tear drop. From Emily. “We are so sorry that you are going through this,” she said. “We can help you.”

Emily called a counselor. Her fingers were flying on the keyboard finding resources, the phone was set back in the cradle. The client had an appointment with a counselor.  Twenty minutes later there were several pairs of pants, blouses, a pair of shoes, and a jacket waiting for her.

Emily was grateful she could help this woman through this hopeless moment in her life – even if it was just holding her new clothing.

YOUR donation helped to literally put clothes on this woman’s back. Thank you.

On another day there was the woman who blurted out as the phone was answered, “I am going to drive my car off of a cliff today. I have no reason to live.” She was sobbing while driving to work, knowing that she was going to lose her job because of her disability. She was unable to read computer screens. She had been searching for jobs elsewhere, but found no leads.

Rose stayed on the phone with the woman until she was able to convince her to come to the Center. Rose listened, showing her that she understood. Rose assured her that we could help her– help her find resources to work with her disability, sign her up for counseling at the Center, and find a job. After 25 minutes of listening and encouraging her, the caller came in for help.

About four months later, this woman walked through the Women’s Center doors; she was transformed. Her smile and positive energy was infectious. She asked who had helped her that awful day and stated “You saved my life. If you hadn’t stayed on the phone talking to me, I was going to do exactly what I told you I was going to do.” She now had a job that she was thriving in and was truly happy.

YOUR gift helped save this woman’s life. Thank you.

Mary was in a dark place when she came to the Women’s Center. She was laid off after working at her job for 15 years, she drove a car that broke down regularly and had four bald tires, and she was couch homeless. She was estranged from her children and had no other family who could help her.

“I was at the lowest point in my life when I heard about the Women’s Center. Everything that was important to me was gone. The proverbial rug was not only pulled out from under me, it disintegrated right before my eyes,” Mary said.

“After trying several times, I finally worked up my courage to walk through the doors of the Women’s Center. It was the best step toward a brighter future I could ever have taken. My counselor listened to me sob out my pain for the next three months. She helped me realize I was not the nasty, useless person I had been told I was. She made it possible for me to look in the mirror again; there was hope at the end of the deepest, darkest tunnel of my life.

The staff at the Center literally saved.my.life. Eventually I healed enough to start working again. Now I encourage others to seek out the caring support and services offered here.”

Without YOU this would not have happened. Thank you.

Many, many people thank us for what we do, and don’t know what they would have done if they hadn’t had the Women’s Center to go to for help.

YOUR support makes all the difference, it:

                         →  keeps our doors open and offers a safe space for women to heal

                        → allows us to offer our services at low or no cost

                       → provides problem-solving resources all at one place

                       → provides bus passes, gas, help with auto repairs, scrubs, hair cuts, wigs and                                              specialty items for women who have cancer, emergency groceries…

                         → empowers women to realize their own unique potential

                         → saves lives! 

In these uncertain times, your gift of financial support will help ensure that the women in our community have a place to go when there is no longer a place to go.

We know things are changing. We are unsure of the impact of these changes. Women who are at risk are in danger of becoming further at risk. The Women’s Center of Greater Lansing is more important than ever. YOU are more important than ever. You can help save a life. You can help put a family back together. With your support we will continue to work together to build a strong community. Thank you.

With Gratitude,

Cindie Alwood, Executive Director

P.S. From Sara R:

“Every day, but especially at this time of year, I like to count my blessings. One blessing I would like to thank God everyday for is the staff and volunteers at the Women’s Center. Whenever I come in for help often I find myself helping others with resources available in the community. Just the other day I was able to assist a client finish putting together an outfit with the accessories she had chosen. I showed her how to tie two scarves and we found a great purse to compliment her outfit. She was ecstatic beyond words. She was happy to have the wonderful outfit and to gain a new friend too – me! Without the donations to the clothing closet all of this would not have happened.”  Thank you Sara, for giving back to the women in our community.



*A monthly gift of $1.00 a day ($30) will help ten women with finding a good job.