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The Power of Art

By: Brianna Arnold 

I came across a fascinating article the other day regarding a Women’s art exhibit at the Wyoming Valley Art League’s Centre for the Arts. This exhibit was called “HERSTORY – Then and Now,”; there were pieces from 12 different female artists that all entailed stories from their lives and their ancestor’s lives. The displays were so powerful that they left viewers in tears. 

One of the collections found on the Wyoming Valley Art League / Circle Centre for the Arts Facebook page was called, “It was ‘We, the people’; not ‘We, the white male citizens.” This piece was a tribute to the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote and included actual artifacts from this era. Another project found at the exhibit was a dream catcher filled with photos of women and their triumphs.

Some of the takeaways gathered from this article are listed below:

  • Our stories and our traumas are our own, but they can connect us with the rest of the world when we are ready to share them.  
  • Creativity is healing. 
  • “Every woman you pass is a survivor” 

Art is such a powerful form of expression. From poetry to pottery, the creativity that flows through a human when they are expressing their story can only ever be beautiful. Art is recognized to bring profound healing to those that utilize it for this purpose. Listed below are different art projects that may allow you to heal or at least tap into your creative energy. 

  • Vision board
  • Journaling 
  • Drawing
  • Coloring
  • Painting 
  • Sculpting 

These are just a few ideas in the scheme of things. But, when you are creating this art, think about your story. Think about what you have overcome and what you are yet to master. What color is triumph? What does a setback look like? Think about what healing looks like to you, and what you see in your future. You can never do art wrong. Who knows, maybe your story could inspire someone else. 

Join us at the Women’s Center every Wednesday at noon for a Women’s Social Group that includes crafting!

The article and Facebook page are linked below:



Biebel, Mary Therese. “Telling Their Stories through Art: ‘HERSTORY’ Exhibit Celebrates Women’s History.” Times Leader, 22 Feb. 2020, www.timesleader.com/news/773757/telling-their-stories-through-art-herstory-exhibit-celebrates-womens-history.