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Ways To Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day

By Leah Boelkins on February 14, 2017

There is lot’s of love to be spread this Valentine’s Day, and it’s important to not forget yourself.  We believe that self-care and self-love is crucial. Here are five ways to take care of yourself and give yourself some TLC this Valentine’s Day:

  • Stretch it Out: Before starting off your day, try doing a few simple stretches. This will increase the blood flow to your muscles and increase your energy for the day ahead of you. Read about the best times and ways to stretch here.
  • Breakfast in Bed: Whether it’s a simple cup of coffee or french toast with a side of fruit, take a few extra minutes to relax and get ready for the morning by eating your breakfast in bed.
  • Indulge: Just because it may be cliche doesn’t mean you can’t have it! If you have a sweet tooth, treat yourself to something chocolate-y. Whether it’s a few chocolate candies or a bowl of ice cream — you deserve it! If you’re trying to keep it healthy, dark chocolate is the best way to go, and even provides many health benefits.
  • Do Something to Brighten Your Day : Whether it’s going out for an energizing walk, calling up an old friend, or doing a simple hobby, take an extra hour or so out of your day to do something you love that you may not always have time to do.
  • Prioritize Yourself: This is one tip to keep in mind long after Valentine’s Day has come and gone. It’s easy to become wrapped up in everyone else and everything that may be going on in your daily life, but remember that making yourself a priority, knowing what you need, and taking even a short break from the chaos can help both your mental and physical health.

While indulging and loving yourself on Valentine’s Day can help you get through the holiday or just enjoy it even more, remember to keep up the habit of looking out for yourself, loving yourself, and appreciating yourself every day of the year.