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Women of Lansing

Welcome to Women of Lansing! The Women’s Center of Greater Lansing is happy to announce a new project in which we share stories of local women who are empowered and are empowering others. These blog posts are here to shine a light on the people right here in the Greater Lansing community as a source of inspiration for our readers and a chance for the interviewees to share their stories. This project is to show what women are capable of; to understand that every woman is a multi-faceted person with limitless potential.

We have met with and continue to meet local women who are business owners, non-profit starters, community builders, artists, mothers, friends, workers, and more. These women are pillars of strength and motivation and are right here in the heart of the community.


In short Q&A sessions, we have a list of questions that allow for broad answers to channel individuality and creativity into the responses. Some of these questions include:


  1. Tell me a little about your [self/activity/business]:
    1. How did you get involved?
    2. What it consists of
    3. Daily life
  2. Why is [this] important to you?
  3. What or who inspires you?
  4. What are some goals for [business/self]?
  5. How have you personally been affected or inspired by empowerment
  6. What are some ways you have empowered other women?
  7. What does being a woman mean to you?


Each person represented here along with each person reading these, has stories, struggles, and different experiences which all make them, and YOU, so important and full of worth. Enjoy these stories and these truths.


Here’s to the women who show us the true power that they hold.

If you have anybody in mind that you think would be a good contribution to this project or if you, yourself are interested, please contact us at womenscentergl@gmail.com or  (517) 372-9163.


-The Women’s Center of Greater Lansing